After attempting to self-implement EOS at my company, I turned to Rick for assistance.  He’s an excellent facilitator and teacher.  His ability to extract key information from the team has been critical to our strategic plan.  We are extremely pleased with the results achieved using the EOS model and having Rick’s trusted guidance on the journey.

Megan L Decker, President – MegaRentals, Inc.

We began our EOS journey with Rick Appleby of Strategic Planning Solutions three years ago with only a concept of our organizational transformation.  Rick stepped in and empowered us with a structure and tools from EOS to strengthen our leadership team and help us achieve our vision.  We continue to improve our effectiveness and address both strategic and day-to-day issues by embracing concepts Rick has exposed us to and encouraged us to utilize. I strongly suggest you begin your transformation today and allow Rick and the EOS principles to change the way you operate forever.

David Gazzo, General Manager – Felss Rotaform LLC

Early on, Penrod had great success in growth in recognition, being named to the Inc 5000 list 3 years in a row, and two of those on the Inc 500.  However, we were suffering from having a true vision as to where we want to bring the company and how to get it there.  We decided EOS Traction was the model that was going to take us to the future, but what we didn’t realize is to achieve our potential we needed a partner to help facilitate and implement Traction in our company.  Rick has been instrumental to our roll out of Traction, which in 18 months has led to our most profitable year and laid the foundation for us to double the company in 2020!

Chris Widmayer, CEO – Penrod

Our experience with Rick Appleby has been every bit worth the investment.  We have collectively come together as a leadership team, generated alignment and executed on our strategic approach.  Rick is a well-groomed and disciplined facilitator, knowing exactly when to let our team challenge each other and when to shut it down and simply move forward, for the betterment of our organization. 

Ty Weinhold, COO Viking-Masek Global Packaging Technologies

I appreciate having Rick be the facilitator for our Pulse meetings. After attempting to self-facilitate, we found we get more done having a trained Traction facilitator. Rick keeps us on track to make sure we are getting to our rocks and issues. Rick has also provided considerable insight to what we need to run a world class business. His real world experience combined with his Traction knowledge provides us with more direction than we would have on our own.

Gary Swick, President – SWICKtech

Our company started seeing Rick Appleby in 2016, in an effort to implement the EOS process within our organization.  Like many organizations we were at a point where we needed direction and a solid strategic tool to help build our employees and focus our organization on what really mattered.  He guided the top managers through the process, explaining the EOS tools and keeping our discussions on task during our meetings.  From 2016 to 2019 our team has grown and adapted the EOS process across our company, thanks to Rick and his coaching methods.

Sonia Fremoth, Controller – Felss Rotaform LLC

Rick has done a great job assisting Plasti-coil/Tri-tec in implementing EOS.  We are new to EOS and Rick worked well with our team getting us off to a good start.  

Larry Austin, President/CEO – PlastiCoil/TriTec